So You’re an Undergraduate and You Want to Get Published

This was wonderful, and gave me new hope in trying to publish.

The Geek Anthropologist

If you are thinking of pursing a career in academia or as a writer in general, you might want to attempt to submit your research to a peer reviewed journal. You may find this intimidating (like I did at first), but it shouldn’t be too scary if you have read about submitting.

Start at home

For your first time, I would suggest to go local. See if your department has an undergraduate journal. I was able to get published in my own department the first time. If your department doesn’t have a journal, then here is a good list to choose from. - “The Writer” by Brian Stetson “The Writer” by Brian Stetson. My anthropology department accepts papers from students outside of our university. So even if you don’t attend say, Caltech, they still accept undergraduate submissions from around the world. This will allow you the experience of peer review without the added pressure…

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