Higher purpose

I just read an article on finding your purpose, doing what you love. So what exactly is it? I previously said how conflicted I am about my purpose and my teachers said I shouldn’t pressure myself, and I guess a lot of people really don’t know what they’re destined to do until years down the line. I guess it doesn’t really matter what I’m studying, or planning on studying.

But I thought make a list of things that bring me real joy, something I consider real success for myself, in no particular order, no matter how egotistical it sounds:

1. Being asked for advice

2. Helping a person work through a problem

3. Being a confidant

4. Winning an argument

5. Thinking my way out of a difficult situation

6. Beating someone (or myself) at something

7. Being praised

8. Being recognised

9. Seeing a person follow my advice and actually succeed

10. Actually seeing someone succeed (although there are moments of competitve jealousy if they end up beatung me at my own game, in which case, yay, motivation to kick some ass and improve myself at the same time)

11. Proving my point with definitive evidence

12. Making a difference for the better in anything (quantitatively or qualitatively)

13. Having the power/money/influence to push forward what I have proven to be the best way forward

14. Talking down ignorant people (though if I’m too rude, it eats away at my mind after I’ve calmed down)

15. Being physically strong

16. Having the true affection of the people I care for (whether emotionally or professionally) because that also leads to all those things up there. Yes, even the power, which makes me a dick, but never said I’m a nun.


So that’s all I can think of currently. Class is filling up with noisy people, so I cant really think, even the Band Perry on my earphones. Also the gum pain is having a ball. Though it’s not as bad as last night. Hopefully my wisdome teeth will grow without much trouble cuz I actually i got rid of all my milk teeth pretty early. Let’s see.

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