The weather and shit

Back in BD I used to get sick ONCE a year. Only when the weather changed from winter to summer. Or in other words, in spring. Allergies? Maybe. The point is, ONCE. Because I don’t have problems with cold weather, I have problems with WARM weather. And Malaysia is 24/7 WARM. And not only that, it’s also highly polluted. So the combination is just peachy, ain’t it? I need colder. 

And Ammu is joking that I should make my great uncle and move from place to place until I find the right climate for my “delicate” internal ecosystem. I think the problem is the drastic shift in climate that Malaysia has like, every day.

Oh well, it’s not like I have options at the mo. At least starting classes at Monash will make the trips back and forth from class less exhausting when I’m sick. Look at me, being all… positive. Ech.

Of cousins and Economics

My immediately younger cousin is giving his O level exams, and it was English yesterday. I just randomly found him online and texted to know how its going. So, he tells me he’s worried about studies, not sure if he’ll do well and “kharap korle manush ke chehara dekhabo kemne?”. I understand his fears… I almost empathise. But I did tell him that it only matters that he did HIS best, not THE best, because his best may not BE the best. His mother always points out my results as some sort of level he has to reach, but in an affectionate way. So I told him that. Not everyone is at the same level everywhere. Once he passes O level, he can go and do what he really wants to do- graphic designing. But like it or not, grades are important. And then he told me something that really… It meant a lot to me.

Tomar moto akta bon kache thaka lage. Seriously.

That was before I gave him any advice on how to prep for the exam. I realised soon that he HADN’T studied the best he could cuz he didnt know the letter formats, and he was big enough to admit he hadn’t done his best.

 So I just said what any realist would say. That if he fails, he’ll simply have to live with that shame of letting down everyone who cares to see him succeed because… He was hanging out with his friends, all of whom had no interest in studying, because, lo and behold, they have rich dads and can feed off them for the rest of their lives. And my cousin’s parents can barely afford his tuition. 

And I explained to him that he needs to outgrow where his from, take every opportunity as it comes, but one day he’ll wake up and realise he’s lost all of them. And I did indirectly ask if he wants to be like his father, who can’t even support the family with hsi income, for whatever reason. And all he could say is that he has nothing to say.

But that’s what they all say when I point out the bitter truth… Usually when they didn’t really receive it. But hey, I did what I needed. My time is money now, and I can’t waste it on someone who’s gonna waste it. This pre-6am blog post pretty much it. 

But he did text me last night saying that he was nervous at the beginning of the exam, but he did his best. And as long that that kid brother of mine is satisfied with his work, InshaAllah he’ll do well. Because I had once tutored him for TWO HOURS and the subject I taught him was his best results of that exam. He’s way smarter than he thinks. He’s just gotta put the effort in. 

Those are the people who are the real champions of this world. The odds don’t get to them.

Speaking of odds, I have  an econs exam worth 4% today and I havent been able to study for the last few days because of my sickness. My head’s all muddled. Sigh. Well, I guess I’ll do my best cuz… I have no other choice. Weehu.