What ails you, dear Reader?

This is the page where you depression sufferers and depression conquerors can talk with me and hash out our situations. Feel free to let loose, nobody knows like me how hard it is to find someone who exists just to help you though your pain and relate. Leave comments here or email me at nafisareviewseverything@gmail.com to talk. I’ll do my best to help you through it, because holding it together is the most important thing now.

And no, doesn’t have to be only depression, you can talk about pretty much everything. Maybe someone else in the comments section will have a solution for it. But no romance issues, please. Leave those for Seventeen magazine. Unless you’re in depression becuase of it, of course.

Please don’t hate or undermine anyone on this page. Let the hurt flow and let the pain go.

“The pains that we face all day, everyday
We don’t know how to bear
This hatred that stands in our way
Can be overcome by the peace and love they fear.” ~Human, by Nafisa Tabassum


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